A downloadable game for Windows

Planty of Buds is a a puzzle-tactics game in which you reshape the environment around you to overcome obstacles and rescue your friends in the plant-pocalypse!

It's inspired by Into the Breach, but with focus on terrain manipulation to add a layer of depth to the puzzle


Q, E: Rotate camera left and right.

WASD: Move the camera around.

Esc: Menu

Tab: Toggle Top-down/Normal view

Left Click: Select various units/functions.

Right Click: Cancel ability or character selection. Hold to rotate the camera.


Programmer: Andrew Xie, Christian Gramling, Kyle Kissler, Tina Feng

Designer: Bruce Tran, Christian Gramling, Kyle Kissler

2D Artist: Tina Feng

3D Artist: Bruce Tran

Audio Designer: Kevin Chao, Brandon Delehoy


PlantyofBuds3.20.19.1.zip 46 MB


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Fun challenging puzzle game!